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Wendy Starland Bio:

A true renaissance woman, Wendy Starland was called A Modern Da Vinci by Welum Magazine. Wendy Starland has successfully delivered the highest standard of excellence in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, silkscreen, lithography and music over the course of her celebrated career. Her passion to express complex ideas about societal norms and concepts through her figurative art is instantly compelling through a lush landscape of color and texture. This Ivy League educated Cornell graduate is now gracing magazine covers worldwide and is sought after by the world's most prestigious contemporary art collectors. NBC_News states: Wendy Starland's painting style combines smooth detailed elements of photorealism with the lush, thick painting style reminiscent of the post-impressionist and expressionist artists. Her images have a classic and timeless feel to them. In addition, Wendy Starland is a groundbreaking force and this exhibit of her Haptagram NFT is a trailblazing moment in art history. Starland's oil paintings were featured at an art opening hosted by Forbes Magazine at blue chip gallery, Winn Slavin Fine Art, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery represents Master artists such as Picasso and Salvador Dali. Wendy Starland is also a celebrity in the music industry, having been honored by the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame, as well as discovering & developing 11-time Grammy, Oscar, and 2-time Golden Globe winning icon, Lady Gaga. With Starland's latest series of oil paintings in high demand by art collectors internationally, Wendy Starland has been named the Art Worlds New "It Girl".